AIM 9000 FTIR Microscopy Without Compromise

AIM 9000: FTIR Microscopy Without Compromise


Unveiling the cause of failures

AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope System: quick and easy micro analysis

Highest sensitivity marketwide

with a signal-to-noise ratio of a staggering 30.000/1

Automatic zoom-in from eye-size to contaminant-size

through wide field camera feature

Automatic contaminant recognition function

sets aperture on measurement spots automatically

Automatic identification of the spectrum

through contaminant analysis program

Infrared Microscope AIM-9000 Function Description - ATR Objective

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The AIM–9000 Takes FTIR Microscopy forwards in every way... Faster, More Sensitive, Easier

Speed and Precision at an affordable price.

The AIM–9000 takes FTIR Microscopy to new levels:

Easier to use

Easier to find samples

Excellent sensitivity in Reflectance (eliminating the need for a contact ATR in many cases)

Universal Mounting allows Transmitance, Reflectance, ATR and Grazing Angle all on the same platform.

Class defining Signal to Noise Perfomance, Identification in seconds.

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