Julabo brings you more product developments and case studies for the control of reactor temperature using the PRESTO® range of sealed dynamic thermostats. These case studies include chemical reactors including batch, semi-batch or plug flow, Micro-Reactors or plant up to 200 liters.

Furthermore the Julabo UK team is so confident of the performance and power of the range that for a limited time only it offers a free of charge evaluation period for all projects to enable YOU to judge for yourselves. These systems perform better, but above and beyond that offer ease of use and options for interfacing and control that make the system market leaders.

The NEW ever expanding PRESTO® range currently includes more than 25 different models, and is sure to offer a powerful and turnkey solution for YOUR temperature control demands. There are currently more than 100 case studies available free of charge detailing how the future of synthetic chemistry is changing with improved temperature control.

PRESTO®: The Power of Thermodynamics

The Presto is totally different from traditional bath based controlled systems in the fact that the temperature controlled fluid is completely isolated from the atmosphere. This allows for much smaller bath volumes, and therefore much faster response times for dealing with thermal events or changing temperatures rapidly. Furthermore as the fluid is totally isolated, the operating temperature range can be significantly expanded ‐ all of which gives you an extremely powerful, dynamic temperature control solution.

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PRESTO®: Designed for Chemical Reactors

Each Presto has been designed with Chemical Reactors in mind, to give you not just a powerful system but something that is easy to use and simple to maintain. There are countless features, and options, each enabling the operator to work in confidence, and comfort. For example;

  • Each Presto comes with an integrated handle and castors for simple and easy movement.
  • The fill and de-gas cycle is automated and hands free
  • All system parameters are accessible and readable from the bright, clear home screen ‐ from temperature, to pump pressure to set-point and % power.
  • Unique front to back air flow means units ca be mounted side by side for optimization of valuable laboratory space.
  • Routine maintenance could not be simpler with a removable front panel for cleaning of the refrigeration condenser.

Furthermore the Presto Range is available to suit applications big and small, from below 1 liter to larger high power units down to -90 C and cooling capacities over 30kW.

There are currently over 20 different models, with different specifications and so there is bound to be a system that meets your demands. Why not contact us for a reference, evaluation or to see a system in action.

For details on our free evaluation period, installation offers and any application queries please contact us at

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The new highly dynamic PRESTO® W91 and W92 temperature control systems give you access to rapid and large heating and cooling power.

The W91 system is designed for reactors with low temperatures, achieving a lowest possible temperature of -91 C and cooling capacities up to 11kW.

The W92, though similar, is designed for larger, more demanding applications with cooling capacities up to 31kW.

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Both are user configurable with different heating configurations and pumps that allow control of pressure to ensure that your pilot plant operates and maximum capacity.

At the smaller end we offer the A30 & A40 models, designed for reactors up to around 10 liters (application dependent) and temperatures down to -40 C. These units are small, compact and offer the same sealed system concept for the maximum performance of a jacketed reactor.

The integrated controller offers direct control of reaction temperature, plus easy to configure inputs and outputs for control by or monitoring by external control systems.

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