NATS mos

Mission Optimisation Services

Global Live Flight Tracking and Post Operational insight across your entire network via secure cloud based technology to understand the impacts of ATM, Weather & Airports on your operation.

Time stretched Flight Operations teams are dealing with complex circumstances. The dimensions to consider in forecasting, network planning, daily operations and recovering from disruptive events can be overwhelming.

Airlines are having to make business critical decisions with limited, and often incomplete, supporting information. They have an abundance of data but no actionable information.

NATS mos addresses this by aggregating ATM data, filtering vast and complex information to provide airlines with consolidated, real-time, tailored insights. This puts them in control and enables them to make better decisions - decisions that optimise operational performance and deliver commercial effectiveness.

A secure cloud based technology platform that allows airline customers to explore Real-time analytic dashboards and competitor benchmarking in order to optimise future decision-making.



Harmonisation of disparate support information displayed in a single tool

Real-time Data

Keeping you up to date with flight progressions through live and post operational analysis

Actionable Insight

Customised alerting to highlight identified disruption or potential opportunities for your operation


Monitoring a flights efficiency during the climb, cruise and descent phases against market competitors

NATS mos harnesses all available ATM information and insight to induce future operational behaviour changes to provide cost and efficiency benefits.


Situational Overview

The best possible overview of your operation – fleet location, airports of interest, ATM events and weather

ATM Integration

Harnessing the power of the ATM context and NATS’ operational experience to provide the bridge between Airlines and ANSPs

City Pair Analysis

Visualise all city pair routes and identify potential opportunities for improvement versus your competitor


Constant monitoring of the evolving situation to provide disruption and deviation alerting


Post-operational analysis to compare performance and understand your operation like never before

Secure Web-Based Technology

Minimised setup and infrastructure costs harnessing the power of the cloud

Customised Display

Filtered information displaying only what is relevant to your fleet

Flight Efficiency Scoring

Analyse the efficiency of an individual flight to identify the average and best performing in your network

Operational intelligence that optimises decision making and improves performance


NATS mos is a globally reaching information system that provides a suite of tools, capabilities and analytics providing trusted insight; NATS mos gives you confidence in your Flight Operation decisions and planning.

All historic information available through NATS mos is fully searchable which means we can provide analytical insights in collaboration with your teams to make your future plans shock-proof.

Global data and access

Cloud Hosted

Intuitive interface

Quick access to relevant information

Customisable to solve your challenges

First-class helpdesk and support

NATS mos is designed with the Airline Operations Centre needs first, without the constraints of yesterday’s technology. Find out more about the future of trusted, insightful decisions.

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