Enhance Your Lettuce Crop Performance with Seed Technologies

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Speed Up Germination & Improve Uniformity

Emergis® seed priming activates germination to ensure uniform seed emergence so your plants mature at the same time. Speed up germination and improve plant uniformity with Emergis® seed priming .

Priming Benefits Include:

  • Faster speed of emergence
  • Improved plant uniformity
  • Earlier canopy development
  • Wider temperature range for germination
  • Increased final population
  • Optimized harvesting performance
  • More yield and enhanced product quality

Two Day Emergence Results

Photo: ProFlo Precise Encrustment for Lettuce

Are You Using the Right Pellet for Your Cultivation Practices?

Germains' seed pellets are uniquely formulated to perform in different growing environments, sized to accommodate planters and different irrigation methods.

Find out if you are using the right pellet for your cultivation practices.


Crop Protection Starts with Your Seed!

Find the right seed applied crop protection products by reviewing our full line of filmcoatings for lettuce and other vegetable crops via our website or the list of treatments below. 

Seed Treatments for Lettuce Crop Protection:

  • NipsIt® Vegetables - Conventional
    Seed-applied solution for protection against leafminer (suppression) and aphids in full season lettuce.
  • FarMore® FI400 - Conventional
    Protect against Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia sp. and prevent or eliminate damage caused by aphids, leafminers, whiteflys and thrips.
  • FarMore® FI300 - Conventional
    Delivers protection against a broad spectrum of seed and seedling diseases, such as Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, general damping-off and seedling blight.
  • Thiram - Conventional
    Protect your crop from multiple seedborn and soilborne fungi.
  • Apron® XL - Conventional
    Offers protection against Phytophthora and downy mildew and is registered on more than 50 crops.
  • ProBio® Mycostop® - Organic
    Can be used to protect soil pathogens such as Pythium, Fusarium and Phomopsis. Mycostop has shown suppression of Botrytis, Phytophtora and Rhizoctonia.

Check with your local seed distributor to confirm which seed treatment products are permitted in your region.


How to Order Germains' Seed Technologies

Germains Seed Technology North America division works with over 250 seed dealers and breeders across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Contact your preferred seed distributor for more information about Germains' seed technologies and to place your order!   Or visit our website germains.com  for more information about our seed technologies for other vegetable crops and sugar beet.

NipsIt® is a registered trademark of Valent® USA, FarMore® and Apron® are registered trademark of Syngenta®, and Mycostop® is a registered trademark of Verdera OY, and emergis® is a registered trademark of Germains Seed Technology.